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Prudent Wealth Management Services Your Family Deserves


Prudent Financial Management Services Your Family Deserves



For centuries, wealthy families have turned to trusted advisors to assist them in making informed investment decisions to ensure the protection and growth of the family assets for current and future generations.

In today’s sophisticated investment environment, the term “advisor” is routinely used to describe a seller of investment products, so the need for independent private counsel is greater than ever. Yet, unless a family has substantial wealth, finding unbiased advice at a reasonable cost has become increasingly difficult.



The assets of a family are much more efficiently managed by a single office coordinating all of the various professional disciplines necessary to administer the financial affairs of the family. We provide the impartial and objective overview as well as the ongoing integration that are so crucial to long-term success.




Our impartial expertise is provided on a fee-only basis. In contrast to the many investment advisors and financial planners who are really selling investment products to implement their advice, we accept no commissions and sell no products such as stocks or bonds, mutual funds, insurance, or annuities.

With FAMILY OFFICE ADVISORS at your service, you have peace of mind knowing that a team of experts is supervising and monitoring your investment management process as well as your family’s entire financial well-being. Our unbiased perspective is concentrated solely on your needs. Moreover, our interests are uniquely and totally aligned with your interests. We become your family’s chief financial officer, ensuring ongoing, comprehensive attention to every detail.

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